Turning page views into enquiries

Conversion rate optimisation is becoming a major priority for online marketers. Getting people to your website is great – but fleeting visits and bounces will not get the money rolling in. Too many companies place focus on simply drawing in larger numbers of visitors – but even millions of visits are useless if they don’t eventually lead to sales.

Once a visitor is on your site, they need to be engaged enough to progress through to the enquiry and subsequent sales stage – and to do this, you will need to know how to improve your conversion rates. Here are a few tips to help you boost your conversions and turn page views into enquires.

Outline the benefits

On the landing page of your site, reiterate to your visitors that they are in the right place for the product or service that they need, keeping it short and relevant.

In bullet point format, outline the benefits of purchasing/booking services via your website i.e.

  • No online booking fees
  • 100% secure order process
  • 24/7 Customer support and live chat

This is a proven trick for hooking in visitors, so think carefully about the benefits that you are able to offer, and try to be as unique as possible, which brings us to…

Know your USP (Unique Selling Point) – it sets you apart from your competition. If a visitor is browsing sites for a product or service, why should they buy from your company? Have a think about what sets your company apart from the others – is it your high levels of customer service, low prices, hard to find products, free delivery or top-notch support? Get it on your website and shout about it!

Make sure that you build trust in your audience by including a physical address on your website (in addition to an email/telephone number) and if you have a SSL certificate, show the “VeriSign Secured” logo to the user. Make sure that your returns policy is clear and easy to access.

Keep it simple and accessible

Making a site accessible is actually a legal obligation in many countries – and inaccessible websites can even prevent indexing via search engines, resulting in a high amount of potentially lost sales.

Don’t complicate your website with overly fussy graphics, masses of links or other distractions – keep it simple and relevant. A few great graphics (in moderation) can break up content and keep visitors engaged, but don’t go for overkill!

Your visitors are there to buy a product or service – and they want to do this in the simplest and quickest way possible. People will not hang around for long if the prize is not clearly in sight, so limit the number of clicks required in order for them to make a transaction and make sure that the basket/check out button is easily visible – in short, ensure a clear CTA (call to action).

Pay attention to how your website looks and works on ALL browsers – Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox etc. Many designers place focus on a single browser, but do so at their peril. Cater for all points of entry and aim for seamless navigation. Place emphasis on fast page loading times – a mere second can dictate whether not a visitor stays on your site.

Make good use of customer feedback

Customer feedback is an excellent source of data – helping you to improve your processes and increase conversion rates. By surveying customers (via a simple opt-in questionnaire or feedback section) you can ask questions such as “What can we do to improve our website?”, “Would you recommend our website to a friend?” ”Did you experience any problems with our site today?”

Keep it simple though, don’t ask questions that are irrelevant or of little use to you – too many questions can irritate potential/existing customers. Pay attention to what your customers are telling you & implement changes as and when required – it can make a huge difference!

Keep an eye on your visitors

If you notice that a potential customer has started the shopping process, but hasn’t checked out, remind them (subtlety) to finish the job! It could simply be that distractions prevented a vital enquiry or sale. Additionally, if you are finding that previous customers are jumping ship (making a single or multiple purchases – and then not returning) – entice them back! Email marketing campaigns with attractive offers or discounts can help you to draw back a previous customer.

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