Transitioning To New Markets

Transition from Capex

With the wide spread change in buying patterns from Capital Expenditure (Capex) to Operational Expenditure (OpEx), you may be concerned about the future of your business. You may be frustrated by the lack of progress made with your move away from Capex to recurring revenue based business models; you may be considering making this important move in the near future. Whatever your position, there will be some major challenges to overcome.

You may be asking how do we sell managed services or recurring revenue based software and services, how do we convert our existing client base and what impact will this have on our operations? Here are some of the key questions businesses like yours ask themselves and their teams every day.

  • How are our sales team going to manage the change from selling capital projects to selling managed services or recurring revenue based licences?
  • How will the technical team react to these changes will they be fearful of the future?
  • How will we present our new proposition to the market?

Transmentum Can Help You To:

  • Manage change effectively
  • Educate communicate and motivate the team
  • Manage the recruitment of sales professionals, technical staff and operational staff
  • Help you to deliver effective leadership
  • Improve your internal messaging and communications
  • Improve your communications with customers and prospects