Strategy Health Check

Do you rely upon the “Business Miracle”?

Doing today what you did yesterday - and expecting a different result tomorrow!

The strategic plan is a concise document which records:

  • Business goals and vision
  • Key focus areas
  • Strategic goals
  • Strategies
  • Key change projects
  • Key performance indicators
  • Business values – which will in turn drive behaviour in the business

The Problem

Research has proven that companies that are successful are managed by leaders that are proactive rather than reactive.

A reactive approach to business (and life) leads you to spend most of your time on the Urgent and Important stuff. Leaving no time for the stuff that is Not Urgent but still Important.

If you could only plan effectively and spend some time on the Not Urgent Important stuff – over time – you would have less in the way of Emergencies and Crises to deal with.

The Solution

We provide a structured process that will help you take control of your business. Which means that you will have more time to:

  • Build relationships
  • Win new customers
  • Deliver fantastic results to delighted clients


  • A Strategic Planning workshop which we facilitate and document
  • A complete report showing all the decision data and assumptions
  • A one page summary of your strategic plan
  • An executive summary showing the key elements of your plan and highlighting the areas you need to focus on


  • Dedicated time out
  • An opportunity to stand back and critically review the business
  • Structured forum to exchange ideas
  • Clarity of purpose
  • Focus, Direction and Control

You might also get home in time for dinner with the family once in a while.