Operations / Help Desk Health Check

If you aspire to sell contracted, recurring revenue based solutions (MSP or Software) your own house needs to be in order.

  • Is your “help desk” a cost or a profit making contact centre?
  • Are your help desk team leading by example or struggling to become pro-active?
  • Does your help desk manager measure resolution time?
  • Are your team appropriately resourced efficient and motivated?
  • Do your team always deliver against customer SLA’s?

Get To The Root Of The Problem

Manage the change from reactive to proactive.

We guide you through our proven methodology for building a professional profit making contact centre. Looking at the customer’s journey utilising best practice helping your team attain three key business benefits.

  • Improved customer service
  • improved team performance
  • improved profits

Areas covered:

We help your team deploy best practice.
  • Identify Service types, automated evaluation against SLA’s?
  • Allocate the appropriate resources automatically, managing diagnostics and escalations
  • Report progress to the customer setting expectations?
  • Giving the customer a consistent messages and piece of mind?

What We Do:

We guide and coach your team:
  • Through the development of your business process
  • Ensuring best practice is deployed at every stage
  • Provide tools and templates of how to configure your contact centre?
  • Ensure they are maximising opportunities to cross sell and up sell at all times?
  • Provide you with a means to automatically measure performance and ensure the quality of service is delivered consistently at all time?
Our findings will be confidential for your eyes only


Increased customer retention
  • Proactively measure your teams performance
  • Improved communications with customers
  • Reductions in customer complaints and contract attrition
  • Shortening the learning curve and reducing the time it takes to develop your business processes
  • Giving you the confidence to recognise and build on what is right
  • Guidance on where and how to improve any weaknesses
  • Build a repeatable model that you can re-sell to other smaller break-fix companies
  • Re-sell contact centres to your customer base