Health Checks

What They Are

A Transmentum Health Check consists of an onsite intervention, usually for a single day, where a suitably qualified and experienced person has the “drains up” on a specific area of a business. The purpose is to compare the company’s practice, policies and procedures against known best practice for successful MSP, technology and service businesses. This activity has the specific objective of identifying any shortfalls, gaps or requirements for corrective action.

How They Work

One of our team of specialist advisors will spend a day with the business owner, their management team and staff. Interviewing observing and in some case investigating the policies and operational delivery of the chosen area of the business.

The Benefits

The output of this activity will be the delivery of a written report to the business owner showing the areas observed the performance against best practice and highlighting any shortfalls accompanied by a recommendation for corrective action.

  • Objective assessment by independent experts who have proven track record of delivering profitable MSP solutions
  • Confidence in knowing which parts of the business are competitive
  • Identification of shortfalls and weaknesses
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased sales
  • Guidance on what needs to be done
  • Shorten the learning curve