The decision making unit (DMU)

The numbers below are typical and for guidance only, there are many exceptions but never assume anything.  On occasion even the most autocratic business owners may seek advice elsewhere before making a commitment.

  • In a typical small to medium enterprise (SME) there can be as many as 2.5 members of the D.M.U.
  • In larger SMEs and PLC it can be as many as 5 or 7 people
  • In the public sector it can be several committees

The primary contact should be the person with the Means, the Authority, and the Need (MAN):



When managing a pipeline ensure your sales people know the following

  • Are they talking to the M.A.N.
  • Who does their prime contact report to?
  • Who else will be involved in the decision?
  • Does the prime contact have any idea of how much your solution will cost?
  • Do they have a budget approved?
  • Does the prime decision maker FULLY understand the needs of the business
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