The Challenge of the Cloud

Cloud computing is big business. Market research firm Gartner states that $111 billion worth of IT spending will shift to the Cloud in 2016, and the number will almost double to $216 billion by 2020.

In our latest White Paper – The Challenge of the Cloud – we look at the opportunities MSPs can garner from offering Cloud-based solutions to their clients and also the threats they may face from it as SMEs become more aware of the potential it offers them directly.

MSPs can help take the headache out of transferring to Cloud-based solutions because this is what they have been doing long before the advent of the internet – offering managed solutions to businesses so they don’t have to employ expensive consultants or train their staff in highly specialised skills for perhaps only one or two regular tasks.

Find out how you can meet the challenges of the Cloud by downloading our white paper, or checking out the infographic.

How will widespread adoption of the Cloud impact your MSPs business?

The Challenge of the Cloud White Paper

Get our free to access white paper here.

The Challenge of the Cloud Infographic

See our easy to digest and share infographic

The Road to Recurring Revenue

Learn the Key to Rapid, Profitable Growth

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