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Tools to use in leveraging social media posts by well known topic authorities

Without doubt, social media forms an integral part of any digital marketing campaign, and, in recent years, increasing importance is being placed on influencers, who are being used as gateways to the procurement of new audiences. If you can find and track the ‘voices’ that are important to you – and your existing/potential audiences – you can learn from them, engage in conversation – sharing your own ideas and content, connect and build trust across a community.

A number of tools are available to help you on your quest to find influencers with expertise on specific subjects. Many of these tools offer a range of filtering, managing, engaging, monitoring and reporting features, meaning that you won’t have to spend excessive amounts of time browsing social networks to find pertinent discussions.

Here is a list of tools that you can use to leverage social media posts by well known topic authorities, along with our personal rating. We hope you find this useful and excuse the length of the blog!


A social business automation tool, Buffer helps to ensure that you have enough content spreading throughout Twitter, with minimal time investment. Fill in the buffer queue with links, quotes, pictures and comments and set times as to when you want your content to go out on Twitter, Facebook or both.

Rating: 8/10


Buzzsumo is a free tool, currently in beta mode, promoting itself as a research tool for content marketing and SEO by providing insights into the most popular content and the influencers who are sharing it. Search by topic or a specific website to find the most popular content sorted by total social media shares. Search the influencer option and results from Twitter data are displayed. All results can be filtered for refinement and exported as a CSV or XLS for further analysis.

Rating: 9/10


exploreB2B is a publishing platform that lets professionals assert thought leadership and establish authority via the writing of industry knowledge articles, case studies and how-to articles that reflect the message of their company. The tool can be used to connect to relevant influencers – and if enough people find the content useful and offer their endorsement, an ‘expert’ badge can be earned. Articles receive traffic on the platform and also serve as good material for other social media networks (Twitter, LinkedIn etc.).

Rating: 8/10


Placing focus exclusively on Twitter research and analytics, this free tool from Moz provides a useful search engine for influencer identification and tools for competitive comparisons, tracking, and data visualisation. The handy social media authority filter enables sorting of influencers – and reports can be saved for future reference.

Rating: 7/10


Keyhole is a tracking tool that helps to identify content and influencers, with emphasis on events using a hashtag. Views include conversations and top content, as well as a deeper focus on influencers. Results can easily be copied to a clipboard. Keyhole also includes newsroom intelligence and audience intelligence paid tools that do not have a free trial.

Rating: 7/10



PeopleBrowsr tool Kred is a paid influencer measurement tool that promises to help marketers identify, prioritise and engage influencers. Offering a rewards service that connects marketers with influencers, as well as audience engagement analysis, influencer leader boards, and email marketing, KredStory is a consumer application for the curating and sharing of content on social networks and for the analysing of social media activities.

Rating: 6/10


A well-known paid service, Klout analyses individual social network content to arrive at a Klout score. In 2014, the interface changed to become more of a content curation and sharing platform for consumers to use. Klout for Business provides a service to research, segment, and manage influencer lists, engage influencers with a perks program and amplify brand messages with native ads.

Rating: 7/10


Originally focussed on SEO, Linkdex is a paid tool that has reinvented itself as an SaaS solution; uniting search, social media, PR, and content channels for “organic marketers.” A digital marketing tool that is increasingly being used by PR firms who are expanding into integrated marketing – features include; content analysis and planning tools based on analysis from technical site crawls, content analysis, social share counts, back-link counts, ranking, value and multi-channel analytics data.

Rating: 10/10

Little Bird

Little Bird was founded by RWW pioneer Marshall Kirkpatrick. A paid tool, it helps users to discover influencers who are validated by their Twitter peers on a variety of topics. Little Bird also supports competitive intelligence, content marketing and social media sales-oriented research across multiple networks.

Rating: 8/10


A premium social media analytics service, PeerIndex uses an Influence graph to identify influential people by topic, letting marketers search against (PiQ) to find influencers. Features of the tool include: audience insight, alerts, influencer research and tracking, social media analytics and reporting.

Rating: 8/10


Scoopit lets users curate content from online sources, then categorise it based on topic or theme. The aim of the tool is to show the wide scale interest and knowledge of an individual or company – with focus placed on the insight of others who have influenced them. This offers credibility and helps to enhance industry reputation.

Rating: 10/10

Social Oomph

Socialoomph offers timed status updates on virtually any social platform, queues of status updates, automatic follow back, scheduled blog posts, and statistics on clicks and downloads. With focus on social automation, Socialoomph provides a wealth of features, including automated direct messages for new followers on Twitter.

Rating: 7/10


Traackr is a premium category of service, billed as an influencer marketing and analytics platform. The tool helps users to discover influencers, get social media insights and figure out how best to connect. Features of Traackr include; an influencer search engine, profiles, dynamic lists, share of voice reporting, sentiment analysis and trending content. The service is mostly used by professionals in PR, communications and marketing.

Rating: 9/10


TweetDeck is often described as “Twitter in a different layout” and is advertised as being a quick and easy way to manage important messages and updates, in a medium that makes all forms of interaction simpler. Using TweetDeck, you can respond to people who have engaged with you in conversation, re-tweet influencers who post useful information for your followers, and answer direct messages much easier.

Rating: 6/10


Tweepi is billed as being a Twitter tool that helps users to turn accounts into powerful influential portals with significant amounts of followers who are both relevant and willing to promote what a user has to say. It works by users’ entering the Twitter handle of any influencer who is relevant to a profession. A list then appears of their followers – and the user can choose who they want to follow by the click of a box.

Rating: 7/10


When you are searching using tools such as the ones we’ve listed above, it’s always a good idea to stray away from simply using your top SEO keywords. Think about the people that you are trying to influence – and search with them firmly in your mind. Ask questions, such as “What kind of topic is important to them?” and “What questions do they generally have during the sales cycle?” This way, you can find the best possible fit for your target audience.

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