Recruiting the Right People and Skills

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Finding the right people with the right skills is one of the 7 Critical Success Factors for Your Business Strategy

Recruiting and retaining the right people with the right skills

“The company must be set up so it can run without me,” Richard Branson, Virgin Group

These words of wisdom from the head of one of the UK’s leading multi-discipline companies are worth bearing in mind when it comes to critical success factors for business growth. A committed, passionate workforce will deliver your long-term goals and move you closer to realising your vision.

Find the right people

Finding the right people for your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make as a company owner or top level manager. The right people can make – or break – a company and there are a number of key factors to take into account during the recruitment process.

  1. Remove any emotional factors from the decision making process. Don’t reward loyalty simply for the sake of it. Use the question – can the candidate handle the job effectively? – to determine eligibility.
  2. Look at both internal and external candidates. Not only is this necessary for employment law compliance, but you need something to compare against. You run the risk of overlooking someone within the company who already understands your business values if you don’t.
  3. When looking at internal promotion, make sure to consider the following: Does the person really want the increased responsibility? What additional training will I need to provide, if any? How will the person adapt to their changed role?
  4. Be aware of nepotism. While many successful businesses have been built on the basis of recruiting family and friends, make sure you’re open about it and delegate the final decision making to a trusted colleague who has the guts to say no to you if the applicant shouldn’t make it through the process.

Time consuming

Selecting the right people is a time consuming process and many senior managers find it difficult to step away from the business long enough to develop a solid people selection model and often choose to outsource – thereby handing over too much power to an external company.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t outsource at all. But use your own junior staff as well as consulting experts to help through the recruitment process. Human Resources team members are there to act as the gatekeepers and to protect your business and assist with managing staff. However, you are the wealth creator, set the bar as to what you need them to achieve commercially for the business as well as from a compliance perspective.

Give them firm guidelines on what you want in any new employees. Make sure any external sources you use are aware of your company’s vision and mission statement and that they’re interviewing people with the same mindset.

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We are running a free webinar on Wed June 7th which will examine the 7 Critical Success Factors for Your Business Strategy, including finding and recruiting the right people with the right skills.

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