A quick guide to building a managed services sales team

building a managed services sales team

building a managed services sales team

As new infrastructure technologies make it possible for companies to move IT assets to and from public Cloud platforms as necessary the business models for service providers are changing and that means building a managed services sales team.

More SMEs  are trusting managed service providers (MSPs) to administer both their IT infrastructure and their applications lifecycles.Managed services represents a monumental shift in the IT service industry.

Managed services provides an opportunity for higher margins and stable monthly income through recurring revenue. However, the shift to managed services has not been smooth for all companies, particularly in how those companies approach sales. CompTIA has created a quick start guide which can help with this shift. It includes the following seven steps:

  1. Target the right market.
  2. Create a sales process that differentiates your business.
  3. Choose the right sales team.
  4. Ground the sales team in a strong managed services knowledge base.
  5. Motivate the sales team with the right compensation system.
  6. Employ technology to make sales and services more efficient.
  7. Enable sales through professional, aligned sales collateral and robust marketing.

Understanding your unique value proposition

In this blog we look at number one on the CompTIA list. Before an MSP can improve their sales performance, it must have a concrete understanding of the business’ unique value proposition. The key to understanding this UVP is to know what your company’s place is within the current market.

Assess your existing client base and project portfolio and then ask the following question: What is your status in the following areas?
Client size: Small, medium or enterprise?
Industries served: Vertical-focused or industry agnostic?
Geographic reach: How far can you travel before service quality decreases?
Technical skill: Enterprise-level clients have large systems that require particular skills to maintain. Do you have those skills?
Reputation: Establishing reputation in the enterprise space is not a simple task. What are you known for?

Assess your capabilities

Once you’ve answered the above questions, the second step is to look at your sales and marketing capabilities. Assess your marketing sophistication and the tools you’re using to see if you have the skills necessary to target a specific industry or company size. After that, consider your marketing resources and make sure you have the right ones in place to meet those targets or client type.

Finally, compare your current realities to your vision for the company. Do you have the skills and experiences you need to successfully target your desired market? If the answer is yes, then you are aligned to step up a gear with your sales performance. If not, look at where the gaps exist and decide how to go about a strategy to fill them. Which of the following options is the best fit for you?

  1. Build the necessary capabilities in-house.
  2. Purchase a company that already has the needed proficiencies.
  3. Partner with an existing firm to develop the capabilities to succeed in this target market.

Transmentum have the necessary experience – which comes from a combined 40 plus years creating, marketing, pricing, selling and delivering technology, software and managed services – to help you find the right strategy to help with business growth. We can help you to manage growth effectively by creating a management structure which helps with recruiting the right sales professionals, technical and operational staff. This will add net worth to your bottom line, reduce costs and help you deliver consistent performance.


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