Negotiating insight – the importance of preparation

Here are some insights from analysis of our Negotiating Capability Assessment; 

  • 40% of respondents feel under pressure in their negotiations.
  • 57% are not confident in their negotiations.
  • 53% do not feel they get the best deal all the time.

These statistics show a real opportunity for for people and business to improve their skills and capability to improve the deals they can achieve.

There is a real connection between these three areas – if you are confident negotiating you will feel under less pressure and stress. If you can get into this mindset you stand much more chance of achieving the types of deals you want to and achieve your goals.

Building up confidence is all about training, developing skills, coaching and practice.

Our Negotiating Partner Programme gives all the support a business needs to developing their approach from 1 to 1 coaching and mentoring, to analysis and research to helping them during the process.

If you want to achieve High Impact Profit Growth here are three important things for you to think about from this months insights;

  1. Customer segmentation based on price and willingness to pay.
  2. Understand key customer issues such as the value you provide for them and the problems you solve.
  3. This approach will be a big step in avoiding discounting.

Improve your negotiating capability

THE most important aspect of successful negotiating is to prepare well, indeed we would estimate, based on our experience of negotiating and coaching negotiators, that around 60% of getting the right result is down to preparation.

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