Dealing with managing growth at high levels

The transition to a different business model will – inevitably – lead to growth. You need a strategy in place, and the discipline to THINK and PLAN, for managing growth effectively and high levels of it specifically.

Growth often comes out of the blue and catches everyone by surprise. All of that creative thinking, hard work and determination is then often rewarded by an overwhelming workload for you and all of your colleagues.

You may be considering a different business model or may have already made a change. In either case you may well be asking yourself some of these questions:

  • Do you have a documented Vision and a set of values that are communicated to your staff your customers and your prospects?
  • Do you have a written down plan with identifiable milestones results and accountabilities?
  • Do you have a management team built on the right people who understand what is expected of them?
Listen to Transmentum's directors speak about strategies for recruiting and retaining the right team to help with business growth.

Transmentum Can Help You To:

  • Obtain a deep understanding of how to exploit your chosen market
  • Manage strategy effectively
  • Create and or develop an effective management team
  • Help that team to recruit, manage, communicate, educate and motivate your people
  • Help you create process that mitigate risk and enhance the customers experience