Intellectual Property Health Check

A Short IP health check

Have you ever carried out an IP health check on your business?

A Transmentum Health Check consists of an onsite intervention, usually for a single day, where a suitably qualified and experienced person has the “drains up” on a specific area of a business. The purpose is to compare the company’s practice, policies and procedures against known best practice for successful MSP, technology and service businesses. This activity has the specific objective of identifying any shortfalls, gaps or requirements for corrective action.

For example:

  • Who owns the IP in your business?

Who owns the IP of your website and brochures – you or your graphic design supplier? Have you ever asked the question, have you ever looked at your suppliers T&Cs? If the answer is no we suggest you go and check NOW.

  • Do you know that the new innovation that you have just spent two years developing is already protected by somebody else who will wipe you out in court the minute you go to market?
  • After building your reputation over many years what can you do to stop somebody opening up a business round the corner with the same or similar name and logo?
  • Are there any clauses in your contracts of employment or with subcontractors that protect your intellectual property?

For example when that former employee writes some code for you on a causal day rate basis who owns the results?

  • Do you know if you technical team are unknowingly infringing someone else’s IP?
  • Do your contracts of employment protect your IP when a member of staff leaves your business?
  • Thinking of exporting do you know how and where your brand and products sit amongst others?
  • Are you aware that when bidding to the public sector you may be unwittingly exposing your trade secrets to your competitor’s, do you know how to prevent this?
  • Is your customer/client database protected sufficiently?
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About Transmentum
Transmentum are a specialist business working with growing IT, technology and software companies in the managed services industry.. With a proven track record of helping businesses to grow business revenues, profits, skills, and people, Transmentum add value to those who are building a recurring revenue model – including those who aspire to move into the Cloud or develop their own managed service propositions.

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