How to Stay Ahead of the Curve in the Managed Services World

Managed Services is one of the global industries which is ever changing and where it’s often difficult to know how to stay ahead of the curve.

As more and more companies make the switch into Managed Services, finding your Unique Value Proposition – what makes you different from the rest – becomes ever more important. In the second of our series of webinars relating to the industry we looked at how to generate a High Growth Blueprint for the Technology Sector.

According to TSIA (Technology Services Industry Association) the Managed Services sector is growing on average at a rate of 44% compared to a more standard service sector which is rising at between 2 and 4%. This means companies working with an XaaS (Anything as a Service) “service-based consumption model” are already at an advantage. Most Managed XaaS comprises of technology, professional services, support elements and operational functions all embedded into a single turnkey offering.

Customer demand is driving the need to move from being a Level 1 and Level 2 (product-based supplier) into a Level 3 or Level 4 service-based supplier and companies are having to move away from the “make, sell, ship” model into offering Value Added Services (VAS) to keep up with the demand for increased supplier involvement.

Selling and delivering Managed Services is quite different than a traditional sales model however and needs to be looked at carefully as part of the overall blueprint. Your sales team will be offering your brand as the unique selling point and VAS – a case of what you can offer not how you offer it.

Because the offer is focused on outcomes, your sales team needs to understand the technology being managed, the operations required to manage the tech (at least at a high level), and they need to understand the customer’s financial operations.

This, and other key factors for developing a business growth strategy which works, were discussed during our webinar. Paul Fileman, Transmentum’s Director for Momentum, presented the webinar, and also looked at Achieving Quality Through Effective Team Working. This included the following:

  1. Always communicate, educate and motivate teams and team members.
  2. Ensure that everyone has a considered written down job description and that they understand know what they are accountable for.
  3. Ensure that all team members have the correct tools, training and processes to deliver their accountabilities.
  4. Publish a skills matrix so that everyone in the team is aware of what their colleagues are capable of.
  5. Measure Key Performance Indicators and publish them regularly, peer pressure is a great motivator.
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