Finding suitable candidates

This article will benefit Business Owners, MDs senior Managers and anyone involved in selecting the right people to help growing and changing organisations.

This article covers both internal and external selection recruitment and promotions. Please be aware that this section delivers guidance, best practice and know how. It is ultimately your responsibility to ensure compliance with local laws and employment regulation.

Qualified legal advisors are available on request. Anyone creating a new job for an additional position or filling a vacancy because someone has left has some good news for someone, so tell the world about it, why?

  • It is good for business. Customers, prospects and suppliers will gain confidence in your business if they see you are recruiting
  • It will be good news for your staff and their relatives. Confident, secure staff will deliver better results if you are recruiting. You are either maintaining the status quo or growing either way it’s good news for your team
  • You may well find suitable candidates coming from unexpected sources

The author of this article was once introduced to a candidate that became a very successful employee by an introduction from the daughter of one of our part time cleaning staff. It turns out that her daughter’s boyfriend had all the skills we were looking for. However, he lived in another city and was not aware of our vacancy. He secured the job, moved to our city, made some serious money as a top sales person and married the daughter.

Who should I tell?

Everyone. As soon as you have made the decision to create a new position take the following steps:

  • Use the job description to put together an advert for the position. Sell the company and articulate what you are looking for in terms of skills and experience
  • Advertise the job internally
  • Send a personal email to every member of staff asking if they know anyone who would be interested in applying
  • Place an advert on your company website
  • Send out a press release to the world telling them about how your company is expanding
  • Contact all of the account managers from your main suppliers. They may know of a candidate that is ideal and working for one of your competitors.
  • Give the job description to a junior member of staff and get them to search for suitable candidates on LinkedIn and other social media
  • Send a job advert to the local job centres (do not dismiss them – they can be great source of suitable candidates, even for highly skilled technical jobs).
  • Network with the local universities and technical colleges – they often help graduates and post graduates to find work
  • Consider an advert in the local newspapers / local recruitment web sites


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