Environmental Policy

As an expression of responsible corporate citizenship, Transmentum is committed to improving its environmental performance so far as it is practicable to do so. It also includes the minimization of the less-easily perceived adverse environmental impacts of its activities, through, for example, transport planning, reduction of energy and water consumption, and the management of waste. Transmentum recognises that its environmental performance concerns not only the impacts of its own activities, but also the impacts of its employees and sub contractors at customer’s premises.

It is Transmentum policy to comply fully with the requirements of environmental legislation and advisory codes of practice having official status. Transmentum will, however, exceed these requirements insofar as it is practicable for it to do so and there would be definite environmental benefits.

The specific environmental policies of Transmentum, along with their related detailed targets and performance indicators, are as follows:

Waste generation and management

Transmentum will review opportunities and implement measures to reduce the volume of waste generated and to increase the proportion of that waste which is recycled.

Detailed Targets:

  • to establish current trends of waste generation and disposal.
  • to hold the volume/weight of non-hazardous waste constant per capita
  • progressively to increase the proportion of waste sent for recycling


Transmentum will work to ensure that purchasing practices work to increase the use of sustainable products.

Detailed Targets:

  • progressively to increase the number of standard contracts negotiated (or re-negotiated) with environmental/sustainability issues in mind.
  • progressively to increase the proportion of purchases taking environmental issues into account.


This policy applies to all bodies under the control of the Transmentum. In addition, the company will take steps to ensure that its corporate members implement it, where it is relevant and practicable for them to do so. It will also encourage its individual members to take action which is consistent with the policy, by informing them of the policy and targets and providing appropriate advice to them.

Transmentum is committed to the monitoring of its progress with regard to its environmental targets, the overall responsibility for which lies with the Directors.

Detailed Targets:

  • to ensure that all employees induction packs include an environmental guidance note and information on the company environmental policy and targets.

This policy applies to Transmentum together with all employees, departments, sub contractors and associates. In the case of Sub-contractors that are owned independently, the company is committed to keeping these bodies informed of the policies and any guidance issued to departments, and to encouraging and assisting them in the development of environmental policies, if these do not already exist.

February 2016