Securing growth success for UK data security company

Focus on strategic partnerships and sales strategy puts Security Aware on road to recurring revenue

Security Aware are a UK-based IT/Data Security & Compliance company specializing in cyber security, consultancy, compliance, and certification. Their focus is on helping companies to protect their data and build resilience around business continuity and disaster recovery. They also provide ethical hacking services, enabling companies to proactively address issues around malicious intent.

Clinton Walker, Managing Director of Security Aware says they look after companies that have a lot of valuable data, such as charities, law firms, accountancy practices and recruitment agencies, working with companies such as Wimpey Homes, Lotus Cars, Gatwick airport and the Ministry of Justice.

Pipeline challenges

Their biggest business challenge is managing the sales pipeline he says. As a result, structuring the sales process and working toward their strategy has been a critical activity. Strategic partnership and defining the process of getting strategic partners on board has also been a concern.

Ambition to grow

Clinton Walker’s ambition is to grow the business. He wants to recruit more people to work for Security Aware and boost turnover significantly, which he feels would only be achievable with the right strategy and partners on board.

They had a scattergun approach to selling, and an ad-hoc approach to sales and business, he says, “If we wanted to grow and grow successfully, we needed a strategy and a plan, and a targeted approach to acquiring customers.”

Build a scalable business

He decided to bring Transmentum on board to help him with strategy, marketing, and structuring the business so that it would be scalable in future. What impressed him was the integrated blend of skills the Transmentum partners offer. Adam helps with the sales strategy and setting targets, while Steve helps with the recruitment and interview process. They have also refined the partnership approach. “It really took off. Some of the partnerships we now have in place were a result of this refined approach.”

Invest time and money wisely

Bringing Transmentum on board he admits was a big commitment financially and time-wise, however “success only comes if you spend money in the areas it is required. I heard other people speak about the way they helped them. I knew it would be a good experience and the output would be brilliant.”

Assurance on the right path

What he likes about Transmentum is that even though what he does is very niche, they understand his business and don’t apply a ‘one size fits all’ approach. That they are on hand to provide sales, marketing, recruitment and mentoring support, and are a sounding board to provide assurance he’s on the right path.

Meeting of like-minds

The Transmentum Peer Group Sessions are just as valuable,  “We get to meet with like-minded professionals in the IT arena, exchange ideas, gain industry insights, understand what is happening in the market, and where we should be capitalising on opportunities.”

Winning new contracts

Transmentum has helped his business immensely he says, in terms of structure, a targeted approach to marketing, and narrower focus on niche areas, rather than a scattergun approach. “They definitely had a lot of input and contribution … if we hadn’t refined our service offering to the legal sector for example, we wouldn’t be winning certain contracts.”

“Previously we had projects here and there and didn’t know where the next project would be coming from, an on-going consistent pipeline or money in the bank. From that perspective it has been good working with them.”

Doubled turnover

Security Aware has doubled its turnover in the last three months of the year, which he attributes to the refined focus and new strategy, as well as the company’s hands-on approach and expertise in governance issues. “We have seen a lot of growth so far. This year is probably one of the best. We are looking at building and capitalising on that going forward. They have helped directly in terms of the bottom line.”

Recurring revenue

Clinton walker describes Transmentum as virtual non-executive directors. “They are behind you, making sure you go down the right path, providing assurance, and helping you on the road to recurring revenue. They’re passionate about helping companies grow and get on the road to recurring revenue.”

Strategic partnerships

The two biggest benefits have been the work on the strategy and focus on strategic partnerships, “It helps me filter who I want as a partner, and get me where I wouldn’t get on my own. It is good to work with people who understand where I am now and where I need to get to. The whole communication between us is really good.”

“If you’re looking for someone to help you unpick the areas that you are concerned about or turn a blind eye to, Transmentum will come and unravel that, set the roadmap and help you achieve those targets going forward. They are the company to help you with your strategy, recurring revenue and boosting momentum.”