Our Values

  • Professional in everything we do
  • Friendly and Honest
  • Specialist and Focussed
  • Committed to delivering value
  • Respect

Who Are We?

  • We are a group of senior managers with proven expertise and track records for facilitating rapid growth in profit, turnover & people. We specialise in helping companies in the process of transitioning from traditional markets to new ones.

What Do We Do?

  • We deliver tools, training and “know how” driving the improvement of business strategy, management and execution. We provide specialists in the areas of sales, marketing and operational delivery, empowering your team to manage growth through innovation.

Who We Do It For?

  • We can help any company experiencing growing pains, slow growth, changes in technology or for those who are struggling to transition from one market to another.

Why Transmentum

The path and the journey as a Technology provider can be an extremely difficult one, often a lonely journey with little or no results.

The Transmentum team has a wealth of experience (more than 40 years collectively) in creating, marketing, pricing, selling and delivering Technology, Software and Managed Services. We are not going to dictate to you how to run your business, but we will guide you along your chosen path to help you achieve your goals. Whether you need to push your business into the next development phase or to kick start the transformation process – we can help.

You choose how best to work with Transmentum. Our monthly service allows you to constantly and consistently work on your business to ensure that your business is growing in line with your objectives.

Our peer groups allow you to engage with other people and companies, share best practice, benchmark as well as ensuring that the pain is minimised.  The sharing of resources, ideas and contacts is key to ensuring that you maximise the opportunity to exploit your own marketplace.

Formed in 2011  – recognising that the UK Technology market is not well served. Previously, industry choices ranged from generic business advisors and coaches (many of whom have never even run a business, let alone had any involvement in IT, Technology, Software or Managed Services) to USA based offers which just do not suit the UK market.

We saw an opportunity to make a real difference to businesses like yours – at the same time boosting the power of a vital British Industry.


Our Mindset

We believe passionately in a Recurring Revenue model.

We will, from time to time, use external specialists to deliver Transmentum programmes. Every one of these people will have been vetted by us and will carry the Transmentum guarantee.

Our business is built on:

  • Listening to our subscribers and making changes when required
  • Passion
  • Experience in IT, Managed Services, Software and Technology
  • Innovation in service models
  • Plain English
  • Delivering simple, practical, effective solutions that help you to transform your business and to build momentum in managed services

The Transmentum Approach

We recognised a real unmet need in providing specialised support to UK and European IT Service (including MSP’s), Software and Technology businesses. We came together to leverage the opportunity we had identified and to:

  • Build a business that makes a real and positive difference to a growing market
  • Build your profit from Recurring Revenue
Our Vision

Our goal is to build a substantial business that delivers profitable growth and enhances the net worth of the Technology and ICT community.  To be recognised as the market leading provider of advice and support that delivers the very best opportunity for growth in profitability, turnover and net worth from the professional development of practice, processes and people.

Our Mission

To facilitate the development, growth and empowerment of Technology
and ICT businesses such that their business revenues, profits and skills
continually increase.

Guaranteeing Momentum
During and Beyond Transition