More about our Strategy Guide

We have created a strategy guide aimed at Business Owners, C level executives, Company Directors, Senior Managers, Vice Presidents and anyone accountable for securing the future of their business by generating growth in sales and recurring revenue.

Also useful to anyone tasked with implementing change, the guide places focus on planning, understanding where you currently are, and where you would like to be; how to find out more about the road to recurring revenue and what it means for your business; and understand why a strategic plan is so vital and how to create one.

The guide also explains Vision Based Planning in detail, outlines the importance of mission, vision and values and provides guidance to help you with the creation of effective business goals. It also covers the process of developing your communication plan, maintaining momentum and how to select the right people to help growing and changing organisations.

Transmentum’s portal offers a wide range of strategy specific support and advice, helping you to identify the risks, challenges and pitfalls of managing growth and change. We outline known best practice from specialists within the IT sector who have experience of overcoming these challenges and provide a number of online tools, templates and support services.

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Planning and Strategy
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Transmentum are a specialist business working with growing IT, technology and software companies in the managed services industry.. With a proven track record of helping businesses to grow business revenues, profits, skills, and people, Transmentum add value to those who are building a recurring revenue model – including those who aspire to move into the Cloud or develop their own managed service propositions.