A guide to operations

Who should explore this section & what you will you find here?

Business Owners and Senior Managers accountable for delivering profitable on-site services to customers. This section will also help those tasked with delivering customer service.

The focus here is on ensuring that the technical teams understand the challenges faced by the new disruptive technologies such as managed services, bring your own device and the rapid increases in bandwidth and the coming of 4G.

How is this section organised?

This section of the portal is organised into three distinct areas of operational activity

  • Managing the Customer Journey – Communication, performance measurement, sales support, the stage gate model
  • Quality Systems – what they are, why you may need them , how to implement
  • People Management – recruitment, performance evaluation, managing covert resistance to change, image, attitude and motivation
  • Business Process Engineering – supplier management, project management, programme management.

What does this section deliver?

A wide range of operations specific support and advice

  • Help identifying the risks, challenges and pitfalls of managing growth and change
  • Known best practice from specialists within the IT sector who have experience of overcoming these challenges
  • Online Tools, templates and support services
  • Education, information and know how to help you on your journey

There are also articles available in our Members’ Resources section.

About Transmentum
Transmentum are a specialist business working with growing IT, technology and software companies in the managed services industry.. With a proven track record of helping businesses to grow business revenues, profits, skills, and people, Transmentum add value to those who are building a recurring revenue model – including those who aspire to move into the Cloud or develop their own managed service propositions.