A guide to Intellectual Property

Who should explore this section & what you will you find here? Business Owners, C level executives, Company Directors, Senior Managers, Vice Presidents and anyone accountable for securing the future of their  business by generating growth in sales and recurring revenue. This section of the portal will also help those tasked with protecting the business.

The focus here is on providing guidance for recognising and protecting the assets of the business.

How is this section organised?

This section of the portal is organised into two distinct areas of operational activity

  • Brand – what it is and how to protect it
  • Copyright – what it is and how to protect it
  • Patents – protection in the US, UK and EU
  • Design rights – what it is and how to protect it
  • Data and algorithms- customer data, websites
  • Know how and trade secrets – what it is and how to protect it

What does this section deliver?

A wide range of intellectual property specific support and advice

  • Help identifying the risks, challenges and pitfalls of managing growth and change
  • Known best practice from specialists within the IT sector who have experience of overcoming these challenges
  • Online Tools, templates and support services
  • Education, information and know how to help you on your journey

You can obtain further information from the Intellectual Property office here:


Patents protect what makes things work – like what makes a wheel turn or the chemical formula of your favourite fizzy drink.

Trade marks

Trade marks are signs (like words and logos) that distinguish goods and services in the marketplace.


Designs protect the appearance of a product/logo, from the shape of an aeroplane to a fashion item


Copyright is an automatic right which applies when the work is fixed, that is written or recorded in some way.

There are also articles available in our Members’ Resources section.

Intellectual Property
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