7 Critical Success Factors for Your Business Strategy

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Wednesday, June 7th 2pm BST

Discover more about:
  1. The right cyber security offer – Would you be accountable in a security or data protection breach? Our latest blog looks at the key issues around data protection and cyber security and examines why anyone working within the IT industry should be prepared. Read it here.
  2. The right Cloud strategy – The Challenge of the Cloud is in finding the right balance between the opportunities, and the threats, it brings to an MSP as SMEs become more aware of the potential it offers them directly. Our White Paper examines this in more detail.
  3. The right people and skills – People are the foundation that your business is built on and YOU and the decisions you have embedded into the business are the reason you are now managing growth. You need to ensure that YOUR values are embedded into the recruitment process.
  4. Automation and business information – Are your automated services, measures and processes working well so that your technicians/engineers are all fully effective with minimum dead time, doing the work that you planned at the rates that you planned?
  5. Sales and marketing – Are you consistently winning new customers from your key target list by taking a planned documented approach to the design of proposal documents, websites, brochures, case studies, press releases, price presentation, service and product descriptions, and contracts?
  6. Financial control – Do you feel you are getting the best return for your product/service? If executed well, your pricing strategy has the potential to make a significant impact on the growth of your bottom line, if executed poorly it can decimate your profit.
  7. Developing a growth strategy that works – Many business owners struggle to make some of the big decisions that they are faced with, particularly when new opportunities arise that are completely beyond the scope of the current business plan.